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Elite Multimedia Productions jumps in the ring with Impact Wrestling

Atlas Productions worked with Nashville-based Elite Multimedia Productions who provided a full audio, LED, video and lighting design for Impact Wrestling at the Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena “As they started touring all around North America, they wouldn’t be travelling with any equipment, so we need to supplement a full production package for our general show look each night. Since each venue is different, it can be a bit of a challenge, and when it came time for the Nashville show, the venue itself had a challenging ceiling height where we couldn’t do our normal setup,” said Dan Rehel, President, Atlas Productions.

As he prepared for the tour stop at the Sports Arena inside The Fairgrounds Nashville, Rehel knew that he would have to augment just about every aspect of the production design. First turning his attention to the LED video portion of the design, the adjusted positions of the video screens would still have to display the original content within the same format. “For the lighting, we needed to scale it to a 32×32-foot box above the ring to accommodate the rigging points,” said Rehel. “We then also have automated and LED lighting fixtures on the entrance structure now broken into three separate lighting areas.”

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