Elation meets broadcast standards on redesigned France Television set


“Elation luminaires meet more and more the lighting criteria demanded by top Directors of Photography,” was the assessment of Alain Lheriteau of Elation’s French distributor Best Audio & Lighting after working with Director of Photography Jean‐Louis Rousseaux on a reworked set at France Television Stage 2. In spring 2019, the national broadcaster entrusted Rousseaux with the lighting design of Set 330, a virtual environment that spans 360° and covers almost the entire surface of the set. The new set, treated entirely in inlaid green paint, floor and walls, required a permanent lighting installation to illuminate the entire cyclorama and floor. Black and white curtains fill gaps at the bottom of the set and around décor elements. After consultation with Best Audio & Lighting, Rousseaux decided on a lighting package of 22 Seven Batten 72/42/14™ LED bars working with 20 Fuze Profile™ LED moving heads and 20 compact Rayzor 360Z™ LED beam luminaires. To realize the installation, flying truss for the Seven Battens was added with the result being a complete and flexible system covering 360°. Because Set 330 lacks height, a homogeneous fixture on top of the cyclorama was needed for wide shots. The new lighting system, supplied to French Television through dealer STE Euro Light System.

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