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Elation lighting rig for Protest the Hero Canadian tour

For Canadian shows celebrating the 10th anniversary of Protest the Hero’s “Fortress” album, lighting operator/programmer, Michael ‘Herk’ Herkimer, deployed a comprehensive suite of Elation lighting fixtures. Provided by Hamilton-based Soundbox Productions of Canada, the rig was comprised exclusively of Elation ACL 360 Matrix™ panels, Cuepix Battens™, Fuze Pars™ and ZW19s™. The range of venues meant the overall size of the rig was a concern. “The challenge on a tour like this is always, how and what will fit in the trailer? And how many circuits of Edison power can you access at any given venue?” “Soundbox provided great options for that,” Herk continues. “When you’re running off 4 or 5 circuits in smaller clubs the options are limited, but Soundbox has it down to a science for catering to LDs at this and higher levels. “Keeping the ACL 360 Matrix in their road cases allowed us to get them into smaller clubs with elevators and small doors and gave us a rigging opportunity by using the cases on end. That worked well for us because we wanted a lot of horsepower that would pack down tight for a trailer.” The ACL 360 Matrixs (10 in total) were used for various high intensity beam effects and low intensity eye candy in a blind position. Four Cuepix Battens were also deployed behind the band to backlight them. In all, four Fuze Pars were deployed as side wash and two as light for the band’s backdrop. In choosing Soundbox, Herk knew he’d be well taken care of. “I also knew I was going to get into a lot of Elation, which is completely solid. There’s nothing on the market in my opinion that matches the bang for buck of Elation product,” he says, citing previous experience with the brand’s line and the variety of fixtures they manufacture. “There was no product in our floor kit at any point that was not Elation.”

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