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Elation Lighting Adds Unique Touch to Cove Manila

Cove Manila is Southeast Asia’s newest entertainment space, touted as the largest indoor beach club in the world. Located in Okada Manila, a five-star integrated resort in the Philippines capital, Cove Manila also includes a luxurious nightclub that’s putting the country on the map as an EDM stop for top DJs. The entertainment technology package used to dress the venue in lighting and visual effects is, not surprisingly, large with a host of top manufacturers involved including Elation Professional and sister companies ADJ and Acclaim Lighting. “There are 16 different types of fixtures in the club which ensures that every event and show is unique,” states Ted Mizrahi of Mizrahi Show Designs, who serves as technical director for the space and is responsible for everything entertainment technical, including the lighting and visual design. Mizrahi uses Elation Cuepix Blinder WW2™ fixtures to cover multiple lighting roles in the space. Mounted in each palm tree, in the centerpiece chandelier, on the main stage truss and in the DJ booth, the white light LED blinders are used for blinding, strobing, washes, chases and even function as work lights. “We looked at architectural wash fixtures but they were very expensive,” the designer explains. “We chose to use Cuepix fixtures. They are versatile and are good for an even wash of light, are bright and spread light well in the massive space.” Also used to light the Beach Club stage area are Elation SixBar 1000s™ color changing battens, as well as Elation ELED Fresnel II™ warm white wash lights.

Among the venue’s efforts to minimize the environmental footprint while saving on power and bulb changes is a reliance on all LED fixtures. The Elation, ADJ and Acclaim lighting, as well as the Antari M-7 LED fog machines used in the venue, were supplied by Pacific Technical Products Pte Ltd (PTP) through their local supplier Maxitech.

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