Elation DARTZ™ keeps pace with August Burns Red


Needing a compact yet powerful narrow-beam fixture that could keep up with August Burns Red’s 2019 “Dangerous” tour, lighting designer David Summers chose 12 Elation DARTZ 360™ fixtures, supplied by Squeek Lights, as the bread and butter of his design. Using 12 of the 3-degree RGB DARTZ fixtures grouped across four towers of 5-foot pipe in a straight line upstage, Summers put together an impactfull yet artistic design that captures the emotion of the band and the energy in the hard driving music.

The band also carries six Elation SixBar 1000™ sixcolor LED battens as side light along with six Proton 3K Color™ LED strobes positioned on the upstage deck. Antari Z-350 Fazers provide a canopy of dry haze for revealing mid-air beams while lighting control comes via an M2GO console with an M-Touch used as a wing. Lighting vendor for the “Dangerous” tour is New York-based rental company Squeek Lights, headed by Victor Zeiser. “I was waiting for an LED beam fixture with good color mixing and intensity,” he said, “and I found it in the DARTZ and its narrow beamy look.

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