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Elation DARTZ™ for KISS “End of the Road” world tour

Legendary rockers KISS launched their farewell “End of the Road” world tour in Vancouver in late January and use a multitude of Elation DARTZ 360™ effects as key visuals in the dynamic, multi-sensory show. Sooner Routhier and Robert Long, who have served as production designers for KISS since 2013, say that they and Michael Cooper originally programmed the “End of the Road” show “with a lot of complex cuing, heavily accented with just about every beat embellished with some sort of fancy timing.” The setup is pure eye candy with 19 movable video pods above the stage creating different shapes throughout the show while several panto-graphs with beam lights and strobes help create an industrial look.

Narrow-beam DARTZ 360 LED moving heads with 3-degree aperture fulfill that speedy, tight beam requirement with 218 fixtures placed throughout the scenic and lighting trusses. “We’ve positioned two sets of torms on stage right and stage left of the upstage video riser and loaded them with DARTZ,” Long explains. “DARTZ are also mounted end to end across the entire upstage structure and drum riser to provide a lighting element to the scenic. They help add background to the stage and widen the overall look.” Lighting vendor for the “End of the Road” tour is Christie Lites.

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