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Elai Botner & Yaledi Haucutz

Israeli singer songwriter Elai Botner & Yaledi Haucutz completed an extensive seven month tour of Israel with some uber-cool lighting created by Mickey Vilensky, who chose an all-Robe moving light rig! The 12 x BMFL Spots and 24 x Spiider LED wash beams were supplied, together with the rest of the lighting equipment, by Simul Argaman Systems. Mickey’s idea to have five 6 metre long upstage / downstage ‘finger’ trusses -each positioned 2 metres apart and raked (back-to-front) – was inspired by one of the classic Pink Floyd “Division Bell” tour design. Mickey loves the power and intensity of the BMFL together with the zoom, the advanced optics and the good range of gobos, all of which make it one of his go-to lights. “The zoom absolutely stands out from other fixtures” he states, “and the fact that you don’t lose any brightness when adding a gobo or working in the darker colour ranges”. He likes Spiiders even more, declaring, “It’s a totally brilliant fixture”. He appreciates the speed and quietness and the super-tight 4 degree zoom in addition to the general versatility of the luminaire. During the tour, he says he only got around to doing a small percentage of the effects and looks he knows he can easily achieve with the Spiiders. They had three days of production rehearsals at the start of the tour, in which time Mickey and programmer Yahav Tene created over 500 cues in the grandMA2 full size console. Mickey was the first person in Israel to actually use Robe’s new MegaPointes in a show … where he managed to persuade local distributor Danor to hire out their two demo fixtures to a production, so now he’s looking forward to using them on a full design.

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