DWR takes dot2 to Cape Town


After a successful dot2 training course created, hosted and taught by DWR Distribution in Johannesburg there was a demand for the same training to take place in Cape Town. Wherever the industry calls DWR goes, and the training was brought down to the Cape by Olebogeng Boinamo from DWR. “It was booked out with 12 people and it filled our Cape Town offices,” says Olebogeng. Each student had access to the system as there were three dot2 consoles from DWR, three of those in attendance had their own dot2s and the rest worked on dot2 on PC. This mixed bag illustrates the different levels that exist in the field and the impact of the dot2 console, with avid users and newcomers both attending the course to develop their skills, because the console and related PC platform are being used so frequently in the industry.

“The students reflected the Capetonian relaxed attitude as they were eager to talk and ask questions which usually requires an ice breaker but right from the word go they were participating.” With a passion for the industry and hunger for knowledge, they feverishly took notes. The students were also keen to provide feedback and one noted the dot2 training was the most complete and professional training he had received so far, reflecting the dot2’s importance and Olebogeng’s passion. DWR is always there to support the industry and its needs, and it continues to enjoy the journey of watching the industry grow.

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