DTS Alchemy 5 chosen for the technical update of the Bolshoi theatre


Following the building renovation completed in 2012, the Bolshoi theater in Moscow continues the innovation process by adding new equipment to their stage. In 2020 a massive investment has been performed to update the lighting fixtures: the Bolshoi theater is now pioneering the market with the most innovative technologies and aims at confirming to be one of the best equipped theaters in the world. The lighting plot selection was based on the latest innovations in terms of quality and purity of light. Alchemy 5 has been included in the ambitious lighting project. The impressive investment on this fresnel moving head, one of the most appreciated innovations currently in the market, is certainly due to the incomparable options that it can offer. Alchemy is a new generation moving head designed to meet the theatre and television needs where quietness, versatility and quality of light are essential. The fixture combines a 250 mm diameter fresnel lens with a 6‐chip LED source, which can generate a great white light quality and an extended color palette with a wide range of pastel and warm shades. In addition, the innovative linear CCT, correction filters and gel emulations make it extremely easy to use when creating colors for the perfect skin highlight.

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