DSH Producties of the Netherlands offers broadcast‐quality Elation KL Panel™


Audiovisual technology supplier DSH Producties of the Netherlands has acquired Elation’s broadcast‐quality KL Panel™ LED softlight, a full color spectrum and color temperature adjustable light panel that fulfills the demanding requirements of broadcast productions including the growing market for live streaming. DSH Producties has 15 years of experience serving festivals, events, theatres and broadcast. The unique market situation this year has meant the company is putting more focus on corporate and broadcast projects, including online events, seminars and pop‐up studios, thus the need for a high‐quality softlight with color temperature and green/magenta shift adjustment.

While looking for a solution, Bert Schmeits, Key Account Manager Benelux at Elation, emphasized to DSH Producties co‐owners Serge Hillegers and Maaike Hillegers that Elation would soon be expanding its offerings with the KL Panel. When the first sample was available, Schmeits immediately organized a comparative test in the Elation showroom, testing and comparing the KL Panel against other LED softlights on the market. “The LED array in the KL Panel is very efficient and if you look at the other types of panels we did a shootout with, it has a very good output to size ratio,” stated Serge Hillegers. Using a highly efficient RGBW + Lime + Cyan LED array, the KL Panel outputs 24,000 lumens from a small form factor to create wonderfully soft white or full‐color washes. Color rendering is of the highest quality and importantly for the camera, the KL Panel has a high TLCI value, meaning that both to the eye and to the camera color re creation is extremely accurate with little color shift. DSH Producties is familiar with the specific requirements of audiovisual facilities in the broadcasting and recording world and according to Serge, broadcast is more light critical with other criterion to consider such as adjusting for light that shifts away from pure white towards green or magenta. With the KL Panel, additional color tuning is possible through a green shift adjustment and a virtual gel library.

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