DPA Helps China Find Its Voice

DPA China The Voice
DPA China The Voice

Voice of China Judge Yang Kun with a contestant


China: DPA Microphones’ new hand held d:facto™ Vocal Microphone made its debut on Chinese television this summer when it was used extensively during the production of The Voice of China, a show produced and screened by Zhejiang Satellite TV. Heading up sound production for the show was Mr Jin Shao Gang, a famous sound designer and one of China’s most important sound engineers. Mr Jin used two DPA d:facto Vocal Microphones for the singers and also specified them for the judges when they sang with their teams. He also specified a number of DPA d:vote™ 4099 Instrument Microphones and DPA cardioid headset microphones for the judges to wear while they were making their comments on the artists’ performances. The TV audio engineers used a DPA 5100 Mobile Surround microphone, which was positioned in the middle of the audience so that it captured the entire ambience.

He says: “I knew that DPA microphones were among the best in the world so I was very keen to try the new d:facto microphone. We tested two d:facto capsules with our Wisycom wireless systems and I was so satisfied with the results that I decided to use them for this show. The sound quality was exceptional – clean, natural and with splendid high frequency response and awesome ambient noise restriction. I was very happy with their performance.” DPA’s Chinese distributor DMT Pro that supplied all of the DPA microphones used during the show.


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