Doughty Rail



The new Doughty Rail is an extruded aluminium curtain rail system equipped with ball raced curtain runners. There is a range of brackets designed to suspend the rail in most situations. Doughty Rail is available in straight lengths from 1 to 3 metres and four radius curves.


Doughty Rail – Straight Sections

Available in four standard lengths and in two finishes, natural aluminium and black. It features a unique joint pin system which aids assembly and joint alignment. All standard lengths are stocked with special lengths available on request. Doughty Rail can be cut to length on site.

Doughty Rail – Curved Sections

Available in four standard curves and in two finishes, natural aluminium and black. Doughty rail features a unique joint pin system which aids assembly and joint alignment. All standard curves are stocked. Special curves available on request. Each curve features a 150mm straight lead in and lead out.

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