DJ Teddy‐O joins LD Systems as Brand Ambassador


LD Systems announces its collaboration with DJ Teddy‐O. An internationally successful DJ and music producer, DJ Teddy‐O is now acting as brand ambassador for the professional audio product manufacturer LD Systems. The collaboration highlights the vision shared by DJ Teddy‐O and LD Systems: a passion for exceptional sound and the unifying power of music.

Baptiste Languille, LD Systems’ Senior Global Brand Marketing Manager, said: “Since the Night of Light, contact between DJ Teddy‐O and Adam Hall Group has remained strong, because we have noticed that we share the same values: we live for music and love products that enable people to live their passion in a simple and professional way. Teddy‐O is not just an outstanding DJ with a lot of experience and skill, he is simply a great guy who never lets up with his positive attitude and creative curiosity – just like our team at LD Systems.” DJ Teddy‐O said: “The concept behind Night Of Light spoke directly to my soul! It was immediately clear to me that I wanted to be there to support our industry. At Adam Hall, I feel our industry. At Adam Hall, I feel very strongly supported as an artist, because you constantly notice how much passion the team has for everything they do. I have to be able to identify with a brand 100% and I look for partners where the interpersonal communication is a good fit – only then is it honest and authentic. This is totally the case with LD Systems. Sometimes, I’ve never heard my songs quite the way I hear them on LD speakers. With the MAUI® P900, it was love at first sight. I’ve never seen a more aesthetic loudspeaker before – and the sound is equally unrivaled. Along with many innovative future projects, I am already really looking forward to having the MAUI® P900 with me at exclusive events, and inspiring other people with my music.”

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