J Davis Prosound & Lighting Supports The Legendary Illayaraja


The Legendary Illayaraja along with his son Karthik Raja performed live with a 60 piece orchestra on April 5 at Tumukkam grounds, Madurai in Tamil Nadu. Some of the best playback singers like Haircharan, Chitra, Mano Murthy, Vijay Prakash and many other eminent singers shared the stage with the maestro.

J Davis Prosound & Lighting was appointed to provide the Sound & Light reinforcement for this memorable event. This is the third time that J Davis Prosound & Lighting has been involved with Legendary Maestro Illayaraja Live in Concert, the previous two were held at the Nehru Stadium Chennai.

“Though technically it is a task, but it was quite easy for us to handle the event as we had done it twice in the past. So with right plans it just took us couple hours to get the orchestra rolling with all line checks and couple of song rehearsals,” said Santana Davis J Davis Prosound & Lighting.

“It is a great task in handling a large orchestra, but this is what I love doing and managed it quite well and got the best out of the musicians”.

“L-Acoustics V-DOSC system is a great tool to have to do such an ensemble and people are really amazed with the sound quality it delivers and leaves them wondering if the orchestra is really performing or if it’s a CD playback. With great musicians and a perfect sounding system our job becomes that easier and effortless to get the sound right,” said Santana.

A total of 12x V-Dosc modules per side with 6 SB 218 Subs were deployed as the main PA hang along with 2x L-acoustics DV-DOSC per side as downfill underhangs of V-Dosc were used. A further 2x DV-DOSC were used as centrefills.

For the delay, it was using two arrays of 6 per side D.A.S Aero 48 modules.

The Main PA, Centre Fills with the Delay arrays were controlled by Dolby Lake controller. Sidefill system for the orchestra was using 6x DV Dosc, 6x Arcs, and 4x SB 218 Subs. The entire system was driven by La 48a amplifiers and controlled by Dolby Lake controllers.

A total of 16x Martin Audio monitors were used on stage – 8x LE 1500 and 8x LE 2100 monitors together with 8 sets of Sennheiser G2 IEMs.

The FOH consoles were a pair of Avid SC48 digital desks while on the MOH it was with a Yamaha PM5D RH and one Yamaha LS9 32-ch board.

D.I. gear were XTA DS 800 along with Klotz Transformer Mic Splits, and BSS AR-133. The mic facility used a combination of AKG, Shure, and Sennheiser systems. A total of 10 units of Shure UHF R Series Radio Mics were used.

“Overall it was a phenomenal musical event and I was really happy with the way the event went and helped us add another milestone to our company. I also thank my team who were all out to make sure the event went smoothly,” commented Santana.

“I never expected Illayaraja Sir to call me up on stage during the show and honour me in front of strong crowd of 20,000 people which really made me feel special. I am so blessed and humbled by this gesture,” concluded Santana Davis.

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