David Guetta Shines with Claypaky


DJ David Guetta used the Claypaky Scenius Spot as the exclusive lighting fixture in his bespoke diamond-shaped festival rig at the launch of Romania’s inaugural TimeShift dance festival held at Bucharest’s Romexpo arena. Each of the festival’s stages – the Mainstage, Kristal by Ahead Stage, Control Stage and the Black Rhino/TND Stage – was given its own unique aesthetic concept, realised through bespoke set designs, visual content and special effects. “TimeShift’s Mainstage rig was in essence an adaptation of Guetta’s touring rig,” says Bogdan Gradisteanu, Technical Manager of Marbo Trade, Claypaky’s official Romanian distributor. Marbo Trade worked alongside rental house Bivolul and ASC Systems to supply the festival’s entire lighting package. The heart of Guetta’s set design consisted of four pieces of automated truss forming a large diamond shape. The truss was rigged with 24 Scenius Spot fixtures. Providing keylight from the sides of the Mainstage were 16 Claypaky B-EYE K20s- rigged in two lines of four on either side of the stage interspersed with Claypaky Sharpys. “To create depth to the stage we positioned them across eight pieces of horizontal truss, split four either side,” says Gradisteanu. The fixtures’ beams reached out into the audience to create a high-impact light show.

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