DasanSR audio solution drives Club Muuto

DasanSR, Powersoft’s distributors in South Korea, have reported a number of recent fixed installations in which the Italian company’s advanced, processor-controlled K series amplifiers have been specified to power and monitor EAW loudspeaker systems.

Located beneath the chic Club Vanguard, at the Ramada Seoul Hotel, Club Muuto issituated in Korea’s leading multi-cultural district with its technical infrastructure designed and installed by DasanSR. The venue itself had specified Powersoft. Stated Im Jinwoong, Director of Club Muuto, “I have used most leading brand amplifiers in the past but I chose Powersoft based on my experience in matching top loudspeaker brands with these amplifiers. I also prefer Powersoft because of the purity of the sound, while the K series is well known for its high output from chassis that are light, and compact, and require less power consumption.

“At Club Muuto, both HF and LF requirements are satisfied by their K series amplifiers  particularly the low frequency when matched with the woofer,” he confirms. DasanSR have equipped the main stage with four EAW CLUB.two speakers, powered by a pair each of Powersoft K2 and K10 while four EAW SUB.two are powered by four K10. For the eight EAW CLUB. Five delay speakers and two CLUB.four back stage speakers DasanSR have detailed K2 amplifiers, while the MF and LF sections of the CLUB. Three DJ monitor are run respectively by a Powersoft K2 and K10. The premium K series enjoys increasing popularity around the world — largely because of the aforementioned attributes. These switch mode amps offers various power ratings across six models ranging from 2 x 2400 W/ch @ 4Ω to 2 x 9000 W/ch @ 2Ω, while maintaining the 1U size to deliver incredible power with the lowest weight and highest efficiency.

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