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“Dare to Dream” with Claypaky

“Dare to Dream” was the slogan of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, won by the Netherlands’ Duncan Laurence and with lighting design by Ronen Najar and Dakar Azulay. Within the lighting rig were an unmissable 406 Claypaky fixtures, including the brand new Axcor 600 and Sharpy Plus, along with the timeless Sharpy Wash and Scenius Unico. The 406 Claypaky fixtures (66 Axcor 600, 152 Sharpy Wash, 116 Sharpy Plus and 72 Unico) performed the lion’s share of the show’s lighting. In particular, Sharpy Plus gave life to extraordinary spot-beam effects, working in combination with luminous triangles that covered the entire roof of the venue. “As far as the choice of fixtures is concerned, the main objective was to make the most of the triangular shapes on the roof” says Ronen Najar. “We worked closely with the Claypaky staff to find the best solution and, many months before the event, went to the company’s Seriate headquarters in Italy to see the various projectors up close. Scenius Unico, mainly used for the high and low backlight sections between screen and stage, was the product that impressed us the most.

Its complete feature set leads to extreme flexibility, making it the obvious choice to use within our design” continues Ronen. “Among the most recent Claypaky innovations, we have chosen to use the Axcor Profile 600 and the Sharpy Plus. These were both positioned inside and around the luminous triangles on the roof. Axcor 600s were also dedicated to lighting the sets of the various artists and, if necessary, for lighting the walkway that ran around the stage. Finally, Sharpy Washes were entirely dedicated to lighting the audience” concludes Ronen. There was also great satisfaction from OSRAM, the Official Lighting Partner of the event, as well as amongst Claypaky staff. “The Eurovision Song contest is a very important platform, offering the possibility of providing further visibility to our brand in a country such as Israel – one hugely active in the entertainment market. Claypaky has an excellent distribution capacity in the country, with many contacts with leading lighting designers and rental companies,” said Massimo Bolandrina, Claypaky’s Sales Manager.

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