Daejeon Arts Center delivers dazzling displays using Martin Professional lighting solutions


Elevating the ambiance in its main theater and treating guests to a world class performing arts experience, the Daejeon Arts Center hired Hansam System to install a state‐of‐the‐art HARMAN Professional lighting solution that features Martin Professional fixtures. “The client wanted to replace their existing lamp lighting with energy efficient LED lighting units. They wanted LED fixtures that produce a balanced light beam from the center to the edge of the stage with a low failure rate, considering the heat generated during operation,” said Taehan Kim of Hansam System.

“We used the Martin ERA 800 Performance LED fixture because of its exceptional performance, flexibility and price.” Delivering ultra‐bright light and captivating visuals, Hansam System installed 16 Martin ERA 800 Performance moving heads across the venue. In addition to featuring a highly efficient, super‐bright 800W white LED engine that produces a sharp 6,500K gobo projection with a flat field, the ERA 800 Performance is equipped with 1:8 zoom, electronic dimming and strobe, full CMY color mixing and separate color wheel, variable color temperature control, animation wheel and much more. Altogether, combining unmatched performance with a loaded feature set, these powerful, compact lights provide the Daejeon Arts Center the flexibility to create the perfect look for any act. “After seeing the ERA 800 Performance during a dance show by Daejeon Metropolitan Dance Company, we were quite impressed,” said Hun Chung, Lighting Director at Daejeon Arts Center. “With this installation, we have become the first art center or theater to introduce and operate the ERA 800 Performance in Korea. HARMAN products will undoubtedly help us maintain a standard of excellence across all aspects of our events and deliver superior lighting and ambiance.”

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