D.T.S. HELIOS Projectors Colour Hamamatsu Fruit Park


Hamamatsu Fruit Park, set in Tokinosumika, Japan, is a fruit themed agricultural park that takes advantage of Hamamatsu abundant nature.

The Park spans over a very large area, including 4,300 fruit trees of 160 varieties, and shows the cultivation of the fruits of Japan and the world, viewing them in all seasons, including their harvest.


LSE Belgium was appointed to install a full dancing fountain installation in the nearby lake. The whole fountain installation was engineered by Crystal G on a system of floaters in order to avoid excessive civil engineering costs.

The fountain installation is made of approximately 200 jets, all synchronized with music and light. A total of 240 D.T.S. HELIOS R BRONZE RGBW underwater LED projectors were installed to light the dancing fountain and are controlled by Z8 Power Suppliers. The fountain show has now become one of the main attractions of the Hamamatsu Fruit Park, together with the many facilities that adults and kids can enjoy.

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