D.T.S. Dream Lighting Team Provides The Wow Factor



The Wests League Club at Newcastle is the head office and flagship of The Wests Group Australia. The Club is renowned for both outstanding dining choices and top class live entertainment. Local D.T.S. dealer Michael Leddy was recently approached by the Wests Group to provide a full lighting upgrade to their 1000-seat Auditorium at their Newcastle Wests League club. It seems the existing analogue and incandescent light show was not providing the reliability or WOW factor required in 2014.

Michael turned to D.T.S. Australia to provide some recommendations as he knew the current generation of Dream Team fixtures could do the job. D.T.S. NRG 1201 and JACK moving head fixtures were chosen, due to their output, robust construction and reliability. The Wests League Club now has an impressive lighting rig that meets the requirements of all local and international touring artists who use this venue.

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