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Colour Sound for Perry’s stage at Lollapalooza Berlin

Colour Sound Experiment returned to the Olympiastadion in Berlin, Germany for the 2019 Lollapalooza festival where they were the lighting and LED screen supplier – plus all related sub-rigging – for the Perry’s (Dance) Stage. Ricardo Lorenzini (crew chief) and Dave Ross led the Colour Sound crew, who sub hung three LX trusses from the roof plus four vertical tower trusses per side in the mid-stage area. Another lighting truss was rigged either side above the left and right IMAG video screens, and the rest of the fixtures were positioned on the deck along the front of the stage lip and in the stage wings. The upstage video screen measured 17 metres wide by 9 metres high, made up from Colour Sound’s Unilumin Robe CB5 screen, and this was supported by the two portrait-format side screens, each 5-metres-wide and 7 metres tall, built from BT7 LED screen.

Nearly 250 moving lights graced the ‘house’ rig – comprising Robe MegaPointes, Pointes and Spiiders, together with ProLights Diamond7 LED washes plus 69 x IP rated AquaBeams. To ensure the atmospherics kept pumping, 26 smoke and haze machines were deployed on and around the stage area! Dave Ross operated for any artists who didn’t have their own LD and the house console was one of Colour Sound’s grandMA3s with a grandMA2 as backup and a ChamSys MagicQ MQ500 which was used for Underworld. A Resolume media server system and a 5-channel Panasonic remote camera package / PPU was integral to the video set up, and this was looked after by Ed Blackwell, who cut the camera mix. Underworld’s specials involved another 52 moving lights – more Diamond7 LED washes, Claypaky Sharpies for beams and Chauvet Rogue R2 washes, 14 active Sunstrips and 10 strobes. Their classically excellent show was a big hit with the audience as always. Martin Garrix’s ANIMA show – complete with their spectacular touring lighting and LED set package which included 110 x Robe Spikies and 4 x SuperSpikies – closed the Perry’s Berlin journey in incendiary style for another year.

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