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Clear-Com FreeSpeak II at Incheon Culture & Arts Center

The Incheon Culture and Arts Center in South Korea recently installed the Clear- Com FreeSpeak II digital wireless intercom solution at the renowned venue’s Grand Theater and Small Concert Hall. For Small Concert Hall, FreeSpeak II is their first intercom system. This upgrade from their original radio system will greatly improve communication for the production team and help ensure seamless performances. One-Up Solution, a Clear-Com partner installed the system. At Small Concert Hall, the staff transitioned entirely from using a radio system with one-way communication to Clear Com’s FreeSpeak II intercom solutions. Previously, their limited radio system created communication difficulties. The radio system required pressing buttons, an issue if operators were already using their hands. Critical audio delays would often cut off the beginning of messages. Accordingly, the staff at Small Concert Hall only used their system for urgent messages.

Team interaction was severely limited, until they turned to Clear-Com’s intercom solution. When looking at intercom solutions from different providers, Incheon’s production staff chose Clear- Com’s FreeSpeak II because of its superior features and proven reliability. One of these features was the wide range of RF coverage secured by the system’s multiple transceivers with numerous channels. Multiple transceivers placed around the two venues allow users to roam freely backstage and front-of-house and connect with individuals or groups across a reliable and seamless signal on the 2.4GHz frequency. They also noted how with the roaming function, there was no loss of communication during movement between sections. With FreeSpeak II headsets and wireless beltpacks, Incheon’s production staff can now talk directly to each other as much as they like and respond immediately, while keeping their hands free for other tasks. FreeSpeak II also greatly improved audio quality for crystal clear communication and easy expansion as needed. “With FreeSpeak II wireless intercom, our quality of life has changed,” added Choi Sung-kook.

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