Claypaky Light Up Cultural Tour


It’s been an eventful year for EVENTPRODUCTION Poland as the company took the International Festival of Language and Culture on the road to 17 different countries. Charged with handling technical production for all events, EVENTPRODUCTION’s lighting designers, Michał Mazurkiewicz and Piotr Pońsko, deployed a large number of Claypaky fixtures, chosen for their wide ranging creative options and reliability. The festival is an annual event celebrating the diversity of cultural heritages across the world, giving young people a platform on which to showcase songs in their native language, accompanied by ethnic dancing. This year, 160 nations took part as the tour visited Thailand, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, and Kirgizstan, and when the show reached Australia, it was staged at the prestigious Sydney Opera House. The Australian show was a high point of the festival tour. “The Sydney Opera House selects the artist who can play in the venue, so it was a big distinction that they accepted our production,” continues Tomaszewski.

“We had a very tight schedule, with only 24 hours for the whole production including load in, setup, rehearsal, show and load out. We did some virtual preprogramming for the Sydney Opera House. Working to such short production times as this, we wanted to use lighting fixtures that could guarantee us stability, reliability and great effectiveness throughout the tour, so we choose Claypaky.”

For Sydney, EVENTPRODUCTION needed a compact fixture with high power and beam quality, so the Sharpy Wash was chosen to light the back and sides of the stage, again complimented by the use of Mythos. The biggest challenge facing EVENTPRODUCTION was to prepare and coordinate the production of 17 concerts within five months, all across the globe and Claypaky provided us with the range of lighting and reliability we needed to meet this challenge said Tomaszewski.

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