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Claypaky Leads at 2017 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games

tttInternationally renowned lighting
designer, Durham Marenghi used
more than 800 Claypaky fixtures
to deliver the two large-scale lighting
designs for the Opening and Closing
Ceremonies of the 2017 Asian Indoor
and Martial Arts Games (AIMAG), held
this year at the Olympic Stadium in
The ceremonies, on the 17 and 27 of
September, featured giant projectionmapped
sets, pyrotechnics and sweeping
light displays.
Marenghi specified a large Claypaky
lighting package comprising Claypaky
Scenius Unico, Claypaky Mythos,
Claypaky Sharpy, Claypaky Sharpy
Wash, Claypaky Alpha Profiles,
Claypaky Alpha Beam 700 and
Claypaky Alpha Beam 1500 fixtures.
“Lighting alongside projection is a
delicate balancing act, as the light levels
we use are very low. For AIMAG we
didn’t go above 350 lux. This means
that the lights we used needed to be
very accurate and optically sound to
create the beautiful imagery required
in these large-scale productions.
Claypaky has shown time and time
again that their optics and reliability
are well suited to these challenges,”
says Marenghi.
One of the largest challenges faced by
Marenghi and his lighting team was
illuminating the Opening Ceremony’s
projection-mapped cylindrical central
“The Scenius Unico is a fantastic
hybrid fixture,” says Marenghi.
“As well as its framing system,
the very high CRI of the OSRAM
lamp in the fixture really makes
the costumes and coloured
scenery emerge.”
Also in use was the Alpha Profile
1500, “The Alpha Profile 1500s
are still a great shuttered source
for controlled key light,”
continues Marenghi.
“The Alpha Beams, Sharpys and
Sharpy Washes do what they
always do so well, and as usual,
the Mythos were a great addition
to our overall field of play and
the central cylinder lighting.
The Mythos were also mounted
inside the cylinder screen from
the circular support truss to light
the action and objects inside the
cylinder as they were revealed.”
Marenghi used Claypaky’s new awardwinning
fixture, the Scenius Unico,
around the edge of the production’s
flown circular cylinder truss which was
the show’s only backlight position when
the production’s cylinder screen was
deployed so accuracy and reliability of
the Claypaky product were key
advantages in this situation.
As well as a 5-55° linear zoom, the
Scenius Unico also includes an electronic
focusing element.
The fixture carries a progressive and
accurate framing system, engaging four
individually moving blades, with both
small and large dynamic profiles to
achieve a pin-point accuracy.
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