Claypaky launches first beam moving light with a laser source


The spectacular launch of the Claypaky XTYLOS, the first ever laser beam moving light, was a great success. About 10,000 people attended the live demo shows at Claypaky’s stand during the four days of Prolight+Sound 2019. The success of the XTYLOS video teaser was even more overwhelming. It received over 150,000 views on various social media channels! The teaser undoubtedly led to a lot of industry professionals wanting to witness the innovative developments in light technology in this revolutionary new unit in person.

The XTYLOS lived up to their expectations. The extraordinary beams of parallel, solid, colourful, ultra-concentrated light which emerge from its lightweight, compact body make the Xtylos a game changer in the world of entertainment lighting. It is a beam moving light that uses a revolutionary laser source specifically built for it, which is enclosed in a reliable, safe, completely sealed module. It is a powerful engine that creates an incredible range of colours. Thanks to a special optical unit developed by Claypaky and the typical effects of a professional moving head, lighting designers and operators can use the XTYLOS straight away without any special training.

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