Church Golden Jubilee Celebrations Fly With NEXO


NEXO GEO S12 line arrays were teamed with RS18 and LS18 subbass cabinets to create a powerful system for orchestra, reproducing the acoustic instruments with high fidelity and naturalism. It was a very significant event in Central Java, as the Catholic community in this region of Indonesia came together for a 50-year anniversary, marked with a special Golden Jubilee orchestral concert, with solos from celebrated young Indonesian vocalists. Sound rental company ASIIS Indonesia, also the distributor of NEXO products in the country, was asked to supply a high quality sound reinforcement system to the venue, the Crowne Hotel Ballroom in Semarang. Expectations were high, despite a seriously tight installation schedule at the venue. Andy Mulya Sutikno, taking charge as System Engineer and FOH engineer as well as supplier, chose a NEXO GEO S12 line array as his main system. The left and right hangs were placed far apart on the 24 metre wide stage, each using 6x S1210 cabinets flown beneath 2x LS18 subs. Additional RS18 Raysubs were used on the floor, running in cardioid mode, to extend the very rich subbass without interfering with the large number of vocal and instrument microphones on stage, 92 channels in all. Additional GEO S1230 modules were also used as frontfills to cover the VIP Platinum seats at the front of the ballroom. NEXO PS Series cabinets were used for monitoring. From behind his Yamaha CL Series console, Andy Sutikno reported that, “thanks to the cardioid subs, and the dispersion of the GEO S line array, we had very even coverage throughout this venue. Audience, the church committee, even the venue owner were very appreciative, and all the performers said they were very happy with the sound quality of the system.”

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