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Chris Fernandez stimulates imagination during Art Basel with CHAUVET Professional

The Levi’s Haus is a stunning bi-level popup studio/store during the Art Basel in December, and contributing to this enriching atmosphere was an evocative lighting design by Chris Fernandez that featured a collection of 142 CHAUVET Professional COLORado Solo fixtures supplied by 4Wall Entertainment. Fernandez deployed 63 COLORado 1 Solo and 50 COLORado 2 Solo fixtures at Levi’s Haus. He used the IP 65 rated RGBW units to uplight foliage, retail exhibits and various scenic elements, including mood-setting shipping containers.

The fixtures were also flown above the ground to provide down lighting at various locations. Also critical to Fernandez’s design were the 30 COLORado Solo Batten units in his rig. Positioned at the base of walls and wooden archways, these high output (3,870 lux at 5 meters) RGBAW linear fixtures were used to highlight the space’s key architectural elements. Throughout most of Art Basel, lighting at Levi’s Haus created a “tungsten/ CTO look to convey a sleek, simple, modern, environment,” said Fernandez. During parties and special events, he rolled out the full colorizing capabilities of the all three COLORado fixture models to create a high energy atmosphere.

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