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CHAUVET Energizes Visuals For Road Trip To Bush Doof

The Road Trip to Bush Doof serves up a sizzling variety of electronic and bass music parties. For this year’s event organizers decided to up the production by giving fans an upgraded visual spectacle. To this end, local production specialists Tron Audio specified CHAUVET DJ Intimidator Hybrid 140SR moving heads for the festival. “The mixture of Chauvet fixtures allowed us to achieve some exciting visuals, whilst still retaining the authentic vibe of the festival,” commented Taylor Brodie, Production Manager at Tron Audio. Brodie provided added visual punch by positioning CHAUVET Professional STRIKE 4 multi-formatted warm white fixtures. The STRIKE 4s were included within the visual concept and positioned behind the DJs. “The STRIKE fixtures gave the whole

 DJ podium the look of a classic rave,” commented Brodie. “Not only could we offer excellent audience blinding and strobe effects in abundance, the tungsten emulating look provided a gorgeous warm white wash – a contrasting look to the energy of the Intimidators.” Thanks to Tron Audio’s incorporation of the Chauvet fixtures, the Road Trip to Bush Doof received an incredible visual platform upon which its drum and bass music could be supported. What’s more, the spontaneity and DIY ethos of the festival was affirmed. “With a relatively simple lighting rig, we were able to create an even better atmosphere this year for the audience,” concluded Brodie.

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