Carola gets festive with Robe


Swedish singer and songwriter Carola Maria Häggkvist – best known as ‘Carola’ – has just played 12 sold-out festive shows at the Slottsladan (Castle Barn) in Steninge Slottsby, north of Stockholm with lighting designed by Danne Persson of Roxy Lighting and including a selection of Robe moving lights – 18 x MegaPointes, 8 x T1 Profiles, six BMFL Spots and one RoboSpot system. Flying is limited so lighting rental company Scenteknik AVL from Uppsala built two ground supported box trusses 16 metres wide by 9 high, with 9 metres of headroom. The RoboSpot BaseStation was located at FOH. The operator had control of zoom and tilt to adjust the back light, and the rest of the parameters, including dimmer, were controlled by Danne’s grandMA3 light console, which ran all the Robes and some other lights including LED washes, LED PARs, LED floods and some conventional static profiles. He enjoyed being part of a ”great” team which included Jonas Hessel of Scenteknik AVL who was crew chief and looked after dimmers, RoboSpot operator John Nilsson, stage manager Timmie Malmberg and project manager Lotta Bjurenstedt-Waern.

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