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Spanning approximately 5,000 m2, the Century Circus is the largest covered area at NATURE ONE, the reigning EDM festival held in a former missile base in Hunsrück, Germany. Benedikt “Bemo” Moser has already built a reputation in recent years for his operational light design in the impressive ten-pole tent. For the first time at Nature One, the veteran EDM light designer, commissioned by the technical service providers BSS events GmbH and Action light GmbH, relied on Cameo’s moving heads and placed 60 OPUS S5 moving head spots as well as 121 AZOR B1 beam moving heads in the Century Circus tent. NicLen GmbH acted as DryHire supplier, having already invested in large numbers of Cameo products.

“Using the Azor B1, we duplicated the characteristic, complex roller coaster shape of the truss structures and also reinforced the three dimensional effect of the overall construction”, explains Benedikt Moser. “The 45° tilted spotlights create versatile, crossed X-beam images and far reaching light fields, highlighting the dimensions of the dance floor. To enhance this effect, OPUS S5 spots were installed in groups of six in an A or V shape, according to the design concept, at the outer edges of the tent.” Benedikt Moser has been relying on Cameo products for years and was able to test the new OPUS S5’s and AZOR B1’s suitability for the demanding EDM festival area in the run up to NATURE ONE. Apart from their resilience, the spotlights also convinced the experienced light operator in all other areas.

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