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Café OZ creates multiple experiences with CHAUVET Professional

There are three Café Oz locations in Paris and one in Bordeaux. Setting an engaging and friendly mood at the clubs is a collection of CHAUVET Professional fixtures. Each venue has its own rig of lighting fixtures depending on its design and the general nature of its customer base according to Remy Zakine, artistic director of Café Oz. However, guests who crowd the club every evening would never be aware of this issue, thanks to the 1148 zoom range of the Rogue R1 Wash, which allows Zakine to get wide coverage with the lights, despite the low hanging positions. Zakine has 10 of these RGBW moving LED fixtures placed throughout the club. Accenting the features of the Café Oz Châtelet are the 24 EPIX Strip Tour fixtures in the room. The ÉPIX 1-meter long RGB LED strips enliven the room with their vivid colors and present crisp images to patrons from anywhere in the club, thanks to their 125º viewing angle. In contrast, the Café Oz Denfert Rochereau is more laid back. Zakine relies on two Rogue R2 Wash fixtures to create festive color tones at this location. He also called on two Rogue R1 Spot units to provide powerful accents.

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