Brompton Technology HDR excels at AVID – AV Innovation Days powered by LANG AG


The end of June saw Brompton Technology take part in one of Europe’s first face-to-face industry events since lockdown, the AV Innovation Days (AVID), organized and hosted by LANG AG at its LANG Academy in Lindlar, Germany. Leading LED panel manufacturers showcased their innovative solutions, with Brompton partnering with INFiLED to demonstrate how its panels have benefitted from Brompton’s highly acclaimed HDR solution. Whilst most LED processors provide the basic functions necessary for video display, they can have limited to no adjustment capabilities compared to more full-featured processors, which have numerous options for colour adjustments and image scaling, and are designed with LED-on-camera applications in mind. After using Brompton Technology’s Hydra advanced measurement system to perform Dynamic Calibration, the enabling technology for Brompton HDR, on its DB 2.6 series LED panels manufactured with Brompton’s R2 receiver cards, the INFiLED team were in complete agreement. The immediate effect was visible both with SDR and HDR video content, with the improvements added to the plethora of fine-tuning tools already offered by Brompton’s Tessera SX40 4K LED processor.

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