Brompton Technology embraces virtual training


With its in‐person training currently on hold, Brompton Technology has set up an advanced virtual platform as a way to continue offering its global customer base access to the LED processing manufacturer’s renowned training programme. Brompton’s initial foray into this new venture was a set‐up devised by the company’s Technical Support Specialist, Steve Harris, to deliver training videos from his home office during the height of the pandemic. Quickly recognizing that a more in‐depth approach was needed, the support team adapted the training room at Brompton’s Ealing headquarters to allow the delivery of a more sophisticated training format. Using a powerful PC, Infiled DB2.6 LED screen, and a Brompton Tessera SX40 processor, the team developed a new environment to demonstrate the Brompton user interface, using a variety of in‐depth, interactive ‘explainer’ pages covering common topics such as ‘what causes moiré?’ and closed loop
redundancy, as well as going into detail on Brompton’s award winning HDR and Dynamic Calibration using the DynaCal UI, and also further explanations on how to use Tessera features such as OSCA (On Screen Colour Adjustment), ChromaTune, Black Magic, etc. As well as training, the system is being used during sales calls and meetings to demonstrate product features.

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