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Braceworks for MGG

MGG is the first rental technical company in South Africa to invest in Braceworks, an add-on module for Vectorworks Spotlight, which helps ensure safety and compliance and is an easy way to assess a temporary structure under load. Gone are the days when a truck would arrive on-site and the technician would quickly chat to the client and only then decide where the stage and gear would be positioned. “Now everything is so well planned, right to the point of where the motors need to go,” explains Kevin Rieck, Head of Drafting at MGG. “Everyone can see what the final product is going to look like before the truck is even loaded, but with events getting bigger, we had to ensure safety first and this is where Braceworks comes in.” MGG recently took ownership of Braceworks, purchased from DWR Distribution. Typically, Kevin is given the stage, lighting and gear design which he puts together into one drawing. With heavy equipment, such as LED panels, suspended above people, safety has to be a priority. “Because of the way weight can be distributed, there is a lot of tension on the motors. Braceworks shows you when a motor is overloaded or if a truss is under pressure. It basically works out everything for you, and at the touch of a button, exports the information into a detailed PDF. This entire file can then be given to a safety officer.” What you put in is what you get out when working on both Vectorworks Spotlight and Braceworks.

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