beyerdynamic UNITE for Mahatma Mandir: 2 access points instead of 30 infrared transmitters


beyerdynamic replaces 30 infrared transmitters with a Unite wireless communication system at the international Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2019 in Gandhinagar. A Unite digital wireless communication system was used to transmit eight languages at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit in the Indian city of Gandhinagar. In the 6,000m2 congress hall, Unite has replaced and surpassed the previous infrared system with significantly less installation effort. Only two Unite AP4 Access Points were required to replace the 30 infrared transmitters of the old system. The 6,000 m2 congress hall in the Mahatma Mandir Convention and Exhibition Centre provided space for 6,000 visitors at the international Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit. This Indian event for investors and entrepreneurs brought together international participants from across the globe. To make communication as easy as possible, 1,000 beyer-dynamic Unite receivers were issued to visitors needing interpreters. Unite is quick and easy to install as an interpreting system and, thanks to Unite AP4 Access Points, is ideal for temporary and permanent installation.

Ajay Parwaney from Pyramid Technologies supervised the installation of the beyerdynamic Unite AP4 Access Points in the congress hall. Once they had been installed, the Access Points only needed to be synchronized and then connected to the Dante audio network. One Access Point can manage up to four languages. “One Unite AP4 would have been perfectly adequate for the 6,000 m2 space”, Parwaney explains. “The second Access Point was only required because eight languages were to be transmitted”. The system uses the registration-free and license-free DECT standard and is tap-proof thanks to AES 256-bit encryption. The Unite system is also fail-safe from WLAN, UHF and LED screens. Unite’s intelligent frequency management is capable of managing up to eight Access Points and, thus, 32 simultaneous channels. However, two Unite AP4 Access Points are sufficient for use in the Mahatma Mandir Convention and Exhibition Centre, enabling visitors to choose between eight different languages.

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