Beyerdynamic TG 100


Beyerdynamic has added an easy-to-use starter system to their portfolio of wireless products with the TG 100 beltpack set. This system combines high quality workmanship with exceptionally low prices. The receiver has a symmetrically allocated XLR male connector and a jack socket on its rear side for audio connection. You can adjust the output level using the volume knob on the front of the receiver. One preset equalizer is activated for each “SoundSwitch” changeover switch. This equalizer optimizes the audio output for speech or for musical applications, which means an external mixer is no longer required. The pilot tone function is another exceptional feature for this price class. The transmitter and receiver are automatically detected and transmission-related interference noise is effectively prevented.

Two telescope antennas mounted on the front of the device are used for diversity reception, which guarantees secure signal transmission even when faced with challenging Environmental conditions.

The wireless connection covers distances of up to 80 metres. Both TG 100 sets include the TG 100R receiver, a 12 V power supply unit, batteries and operating instructions.

The beltpack set comes with the TG 100B compact beltpack transmitter (with detachable belt clip) as well as the TG H34c headset.

All of the individual set components are also available as replacement parts.

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