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Ba Sao Investment Installs HARMAN Networked Audio System at Linh Phong Spiritual Dharma Complex

Ba Sao Investment has installed a complete networked audio system by HARMAN Professional Solutions at Linh Phong Spiritual Dharma complex. “The challenge was to deliver excellent sound quality, clarity and coverage to a huge area with speakers distributed along the 50-foot high ceiling. The seamless integration and reliable performance of HARMAN products enabled us to produce quality results at Linh Phong Spiritual Dharma complex,” said Huu Tuan, Sales Manager, Ba Sao Investment. Ba Sao Investment met the challenge of distributing sound evenly throughout the large space by installing twelve JBL Control 12C/T compact ceiling loudspeakers. Control 12C/T speakers features a 3-inch driver mounted in a vented UV-resistant baffle, and its pre-attached back can enabled the team to quickly and efficiently install the speakers in the 50-foot high ceiling. Ba Sao used Crown DCi DriveCore Install series amplifiers to supply clean and reliable power to the JBL Control 12C/T ceiling speakers. To enable easy day-to-day operation and scalability for future expansions, Ba Sao designed the system around an AMX NX-2200 NX Integrated Controller. The team also networked the audio system using a BSS Soundweb London BLU-100, which offers a fixed configuration of inputs and outputs and a low-latency fault-tolerant digital audio bus, providing the building blocks of a perfectly tailored system solution. For mixing of input signals, Ba Sao included a Soundcraft Signature 12 console, which offers lots of headroom, superb signal-to-noise ratio and Sapphyre Assymetric EQ for shaping the frequency response or every vocal microphone and instrumental element.

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