Ayrton MiniPanel‐FX deliver major wow factor at Vela, one of China’s newest nightclubs


Suzhou in China boasts many interesting historic and modern attractions, not least its latest nightclub, the 800‐capacity Vela. Lighting designer, Andy Taylor of Gasoline Design, was called in to provide the dynamic lighting for the club and chose to use a whopping 174 Ayrton MiniPanel‐FX for his design. He explains his choice: “I have used Ayrton products on nightclub install designs before, most notably DreamPanel™ Twin in Jewel, Las Vegas, and MagicPanel™‐ R and MagicBlade™‐R in Omnia at Caesar’s Palace, also in Las Vegas.

The fittngs worked with spectacular effect in both of those designs, so when I was looking for something different to use as the workhorse of the effect lighting for Vela, the MiniPanel‐FX was a natural choice. The client was also keen for the design to look like nothing he had seen anywhere else and to create that elusive ‘wow’ factor. Having a large array of MiniPanels ticked both those boxes to great effect. “I don’t recall seeing any fixtures with the same square lens configuration as MiniPanel FX, which was a big selling point. The most important thing for me is quality of function and reliability ‐ I don’t want to put 174 fixtures in a design and get 174 different shades of white ‐ and with Ayrton you can guarantee uniformity, even after many hours of use.” Taylor was able to use the MiniPanel‐FX to achieve the dynamic effect he wanted for the club. “The MiniPanels are primarily rigged in clusters at the centre of six rectangular moving pods. The intention was to create a ‘ceiling’ of moving light capable of being pixel mapped as a low resolution screen that can mirror and complement the club’s LED screen content, as well as create massive in‐air moving beam looks. There are also 40 MiniPanel‐FX mounted on the back wall behind the DJ, sited in between, above, below and in two rows either side of strips of LED screen. These create beam and pixel ‐mapped effects that shoot out into, and over the guests.”

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