Ayrton Make Dreams Come True at Live Roxy Shizuoka


Japanese live music club, Live Roxy Shizuoka, is proud to have added a permanent installation of Ayrton Ghibli™, MagicDot™R and CosmPix™R fixtures to enhance the experience of the bands that play there and the audience who come to dance the night away in one of Shizuoka’s latest music venues. Live Roxy Shizuoka, which has a standing capacity of 882 people, opened with a grand celebration after Live Roxy’s owner, Mr. Mitsuhiro Matsuura, invested in two Ghibli fixtures, five MagicDot-R, and a central CosmoPix-R for the stage lighting. “Since I was a teenager it has been one of my long-term dreams to open live music clubs,” says Mr. Matsuura, once a band member himself. “When I first discovered Ghibli, Magicdot-R and Cosmopix-R, I felt that they would make my 20year-long dream perfect because not only the artists, but also the Live Roxy audiences, would experience excitement from the effect of those fixtures. I had heard of Ayrton’s good reputation, and I found it to be true. Once I saw the fixtures for myself, there was no hesitation at all in my decision to purchase them for Live Roxy.” Hibino Lighting Inc., Ayrton’s exclusive distributor in Japan, was responsible for arranging the demo of the Ayrton fixtures for Live Roxy, and supplied and installed them, along with a full lighting and rigging package and lighting console, before its grand opening in February. “Permanent installation of Ayrton’s fixtures is one of our growing business sectors,” says Mr. Yukitoshi Watanabe of Hibino Lighting Inc. “We listen to what our customers want, and recommend the proper lighting fixtures to meet the conditions of each venue. Ayrton’s lighting fixtures have great reputation in Japan for beautiful light and colours, and for their robustness, all of which meant we had no difficulty in getting Live Roxy’s investment.” Mr. Matsuura commented, “I have a big plan to expand our live music club business. Live Roxy Shizuoka is a baby step for the plan. My first encounter with Ayrton’s fixtures has made me realize that Ayrton’s reputation is real, and this experience has led me to consider purchasing more Ayrton fixtures in the future.”

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