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Avolites Powers Visuals for Ras al-Khaimah’s National Celebration Day

 An impressive 18 million pixels of custom video and graphics content was powered by three Avolites Ai T Series media servers during Emiriti star-studded stage event ‘FakhrakYaWatan‘ (‘The Pride of the Nation’) as part of Emirate Ras al- Khaimah’s ‘National Celebration Day’ festivities.

The show was the result of three years of meticulous planning between Ras al-Khaimah’s national government and prominent Dubai-based production specialist Lighthouse Productions (LHP), that enlisted the power of 2 x Avolites Ai T4 media servers and 1 x Avolites Ai T8 media server to deliver the show’s substantial video element. “Lighting and digital content now drives the majority of live events,” says Terry Miranda, Founder and Managing Director of LHP.

“It was crucial for us as a production company working on such an event to have access to a reliable video control manufacturing brand. A show of this size needed high-end media equipment powerful enough to handle heavy-duty video files and playback which is why we went with Avolites.”

The Ai T Series media servers provided LHP with a total of 16 x 1080p HD outputs as well as smooth playback of multiplayer 4k and 8k media using the AiM Codec. LHP dedicated one HD output per screen including the stage’s video mapped floor.

“Two Ai T4 servers ran all the visuals across the mainstage’s five bitmapped and LED screens and drove the content for the projection-mapped stage floor,” says Miranda.

“An Ai T8 media server was then networked to a direct feed from an outside broadcasting van and powered the live visuals on the stage’s two outer screens.”

FakhrakYaWatan saw a total of 800 singers, dancers and actors perform 15 different acts on a large 88 x 12 metre stage. Seven screens hosted the dynamic backdrop of LED and video mapped projection that complemented the diverse range of performances.

“With such a lot to prepare before the show and during the performance we needed our video equipment to be intuitive during live use and in the pre-programming set-up,” says Miranda.

The Ai T series‘ Timeline and Timecode sequencers meant that we could load in all the content master files in chronological show order. This meant we could have ‘virtual rehearsals’ before the actual live rehearsals which saved a huge amount of time.”

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