Avolites Ensures Perfect Film Lighting For YES


Newly formed progressive rock band YES, played a well-received show at Manchester Apollo, captured by Eagle Rock Entertainment for DVD. As the filming required precise lighting levels, Jonathan Pask of Illuminate Lighting Ltd designed a reliable multi-user control system of networked Avolites consoles to ensure each look was on point for camera.


To power the show’s classic rock and roll looks, Pask selected an Avolites
Sapphire Touch which was networked with an Avolites Tiger Touch II and
compact Avolites Quartz console to create a multi-user work surface, which
allowed for any crucial adjustments on the fly.

The full lighting package was supplied by Leeds-based Zig Zag Lighting.
Avolites’ intuitive Titan software’s ensured Pask could run the show quickly
and efficiently. “I use the Key Frame Shapes feature a lot in my programming,
it’s a great way of creating a specific effect quickly and easily!”

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