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Avolites Arena Gives Full Control For Tom Mish

An Avolites Arena lighting console was used to program and operate the striking lighting design for Tom Misch at his outdoor show at the Summer Series music festival held in London. “A row of 10 GLP X4 Bar 20s, raised behind Tom, accent the show with a striking horizontal line of light that emanates from behind the band. This gives a bold impact and centre point to the overall design,” says lighting designer John Partridge (JP).
Fellow lighting designer Tom Campbell assisted JP in programming and operating an adapted version of the design for the Somerset House set. The designers utilised an Avolites Arena console, one of the two house consoles provided by the venue to visiting lighting designers. The Arena was loaded with Avolites’ latest on-board control software, Titan v10.1, complete with features such as BPM Sync, Scene Master and new updates to theĀ pioneering control feature, Keyframe Shapes. “During the programming stage I relied heavily on v10.1’s Keyframe Shapes and Palettes,” continues Campbell.
“I could change the intensity, colour and zoom effects of the stage’s lighting fixtures using the console’s two touchscreens. This allowed for a faster, more intuitive workflow between John and myself.”

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