Astera is Pytch Perfect


Creative and technical event production design and delivery specialist Pytch – based in Bristol, UK – has invested in 72 new Astera Titan Tubes – adding to their existing 32 Astera AX3 LightDrops. The LightDrops were originally purchased for creating funky and original table centres for events, gala dinners, etc., and Pytch have produced some custom covers that refract and treat the AX3 light in different ways. Pytch is known for its imagination, flair, and innovative approach to event presentation, and very recently for expanding its office space with the purchase and installation of the fuselage of a real Boeing 727 airliner! Recently Pytch ran a PytchLab session ‐ an experimental event where different ideas and concepts can be tried and tested for effectivity and practicality ‐ using the AX3s and the Titan Tubes to illuminate the underside of the plane numerous striking ways.

However, the Titan Tubes were specifically an investment for the three virtual studios that Pytch has been running since the start of the pandemic, which have steadily been getting busier, utilized for a range of corporate presentations, meetings and business events plus livestreams concerts, fashion shows and other broadcasts. The initial 24 x Titan Tubes went into the first studio and were such a success that it was decided to replicate the look in the other two spaces so all were identical, explained Pytch’s head of lighting, Dan Giddings. Initially they looked at the AX1, Astera’s original ‘pixel tube’ “I wanted a specific neon looking tube but something that was classy, elegant and that stood out from the slew of options on the market” stated Dan. They did their research and comparisons, and Astera came out the winner! Individual pixel control was a big thing as it adds to the versatility of the product and therefore be used for a wider range of applications.

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