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Astera for Floating Lotus Yoga streaming

Nalini Tebbey owns and runs Floating Lotus, a thriving yoga studio based in Helensvale, Gold Coast, Australia. Recently, helping to create a harmonious ambience in the studio … have been six Astera Titan Tubes. The coronavirus pandemic and resultant lockdown meant the doors had to be temporarily closed to the public. Ever resourceful, Nalini started streaming her classes. While perfect for live sessions, the Studio space needed additional lighting to keep up the quality and style associated with Floating Lotus. Nalini wanted her broadcasts to look polished and professional … and Astera Titan tubes were recommended, and then sourced from the ULA Group, Astera’s Australian distributor. Titan Tubes were also a great solution as they come with so many different rigging / fixing options, out of which she is using the floor stands to mount them on. They are lightweight, easily manoeuvrable and being battery-powered eliminate the need for cabling, while they can be easily controlled from Nalini’s phone using the Astera App – fast, intuitive, and fuss-free. Six Titan Tubes are placed in an arc on the floor around Nalini for a typical streaming session and she dials in a warm, tungsten white ambience using the App which looks ideal on camera.

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