Astera for “Fiach” drive in drama in Ireland


“Fiach”, the unique new work by Philip Doherty unites the disciplines of theatre, cinema and comedy in a seat-edge live onstage and in‐car drama, accompanied by vibrant large format video visuals, a thumping sound system, intense theatrical lighting … all in a Covid‐safe drive‐in viewing environment. It is also a great example of how a kit of eight Astera Titan Tubes, used with thought and invention by lighting designer Mick Murray can go a long way! The work was presented in a car park at Baile na hAbhann, Connemara, County Galway, Ireland. Producers asked Mick Murray to create the lighting, video and staging designs. Mick jumped at the chance and reached for Astera Titan Tubes – supplied by lighting rental and installations specialist Cue One – as a practical, powerful and aesthetically pleasing lighting solution. Four Astera Titan Tubes were rigged in the two cars and the other four on the four ‘scenic’ streetlights complete with custom‐designed 3D printed hoods. Inside the two chase cars, Mick needed both key and effects lighting. The two Titan Tubes were the main key lights, augmented with fill coming from LED strips placed on the sun visors and dashboards. In the police car, the Titans were secured either side along the top of the front doors, and in the Capri, one was in front and one on the left. Live camera feeds from the cars were beamed up onto a billboard style projection screen behind the cars. All eight Titan Tubes were run powered, via thin DC cables back to the Titan charger located in the boots of the cars, and were programmed, together with the other lights, via an ETC Ion lighting console by Ritchie Lambert who was working as Mick’s assistant LD. The car headlights were also DMX controlled and run through the lighting desk for the performance.

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