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Artiste Monet™ and Rayzor 760™ to the test on Halsey

Halsey hit the road in May for a short run of shows in America and lighting designer Jose Antunes chose Elation’s Artiste Monet™ and Rayzor 760™ to light the performances. Lighting vendor was DCR of Nashville. Antunes designed the shows around some of Elation Professional’s newest luminaires, the Artiste Monet and Rayzor 760, and was one of the first designers to use the fixtures. “The design for this run was meant to pack a lot of punch with a small compact package that would fit in a small club, but also be able to spread out on a large festival stage and fare well outdoors in regards to output,” said Antunes, who also served as programmer for the shows.

Because the run was festivals and club-type settings, flying a rig wasn’t an option so the Artiste Monet’s were ground supported behind the band. The designer used the 45,000-lumen LED profile fixtures for big, powerful aerial effects using its selection of gobos, animation wheel and wide zoom range. He also used its mighty punch to create dramatic silhouettes of the band. Mounted on truss towers upstage of the band, just above head height, were Rayzor 760s, Elation’s unique LED wash/beam light with 7x 60W RGBW LEDs, super wide zoom, continuous pan and tilt, and new SparkLED™ technology. Used as a general wash of the band from upstage, it was the fixture’s broad zoom range that caught Antunes’s attention. “This fixture goes from a tight beam at 5 degrees to a monster wash at 77 degrees. The combination of its punchy beam, cell mapping capabilities and the SparkLED were a great choice.”

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