ArKaos control solution for Viva for Life Concerts


An ArKaos Stage Server Pro and Kling-Net protocol were used to save thousands of DMX channels and provide a fluid, real-time harmony between lighting and video effects onstage for a massive ‘Viva for Life’ concert fundraiser event organised by Belgian national TV channel RTBF. The visual design for the stage in Tournai city square was created by RTBF’s Didier Piron. Didier’s production design for the stage involved several strips of LED video screen surface arranged in columns along the back, with horizontal strips around the sides of the stage. His lighting rig included a total of 18 x Claypaky HY BEYE K15 and K25 LED wash luminaires which were mapped with Kling-Net.

This allowed the same video content to be run through both elements – the screen and the wash lights – producing beautifully matched movements, effects, and colours. Running lights like these in ‘extended’ mode to enable the full range of pixel effects is hungry on DMX channels on the lighting console, but running them through Kling- Net and the Stage Server freed up 2,664 desk channels that could be used for other fixtures on the rig. It also simplified the get in, set-up and programming as the Kling-Net took care of all the complex network settings. Two of the server’s HD DVI outputs were dedicated to the playback video running on the screens, and a third with a network connector ran Kling-Net to the fixtures. The server was triggered by the grandMA2 full size. Kling-Net is a revolutionary plug-and-play control protocol developed by digital media specialist ArKaos for the easy operation of LED and video devices / light sources. It allows the distribution of real-time video data to remote display devices – like LED fixtures or LED panels – over Ethernet, adding a degree of ‘intelligence’ with the automatic configuration and connection of display devices to a computer or a console. LED screens were delivered by Greg Dejardin and the sound was managed by RTBF’s team.

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