Arctik Tornado product light up the Great Yellow Crane Tower


The Yellow Crane Tower is located on the top of the Snake Mountain in Wuchang. It’s on the south bank of the Yangtze River in Wuhan, Hubei Province. It has been known as “The First Tower in The World” and “The World’s Superb View” since ancient times. Literati from generation to generation left articles here to spread the immortal masterpiece of the ages. The Yellow Crane Tower was built in the Three Kingdoms period (AD 223). It is the carrier of Chinese history and culture for nearly 1,800 years.

With the advancement of science and technology, the Yellow Crane Tower is in a modern city, but it has never been dimmed. It has always been glowing with a strong ancient charm and fascinating. Now, let’s uncover the enduring weapons of the Yellow Crane Tower — Tornado 1500 PROFILE (AF1991SCT), and RAYTHEON (SS353XCEM). Both are IP65 fixtures. Tornado 1500 PROFILE, with the high efficient optic system, 1:7 times zoom 7‐50°, the Max. output is 71000lx @5m; Its accurate and efficient motor can provide smooth and precise Pan/Tilt movement. The gobo wheel switch is fast and sensitive, and the effect is colorful. It has framing system can cut out any polygon, which accurately outline the rugged corners of the Yellow Crane Tower and the vines of the corridor. The independent animation wheel can render the effect of fire, and the professional atomization filter can meet the needs of building dyeing. RAYTHEON, the strobe effect is extremely shocking. The whole light can be divided into 12 segments RGBW independently controlled, which can play the role of pixel embellishment. Equipped with brand new waterproof power plug and signal plug, its waterproof grade is IP65. The lighting fixtures have ArtNet, RDM agreements. The professional industrial design of the products makes the lighting fixtures more convenient to use, which adds an explosive effect to the Yellow Crane Tower. Even if you overlook the entire city, the Yellow Crane Tower is still brilliant.

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