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Antic Studios makes homecoming holistic for SoDown with CHAUVET Professional

Electronic music star SoDown celebrated the release of his new single with backto- back release party shows at the Aggie and Fox Theatres. Joining him on the trip to the northern Colorado foothills were Max Koehler and Ryan Warffuel of Antic Studios. This synergy was on full display in the design Antic Studios created for SoDown’s homecoming, with help from Rogue fixtures and PVP LED video panels from CHAUVET Professional. They used the 44 PVP S5 tiles in their rig to create four video walls, and packed their 18 Rogue movers in the space separating them and below them. “We positioned the majority of the lights just outside the main LED structures,” said Koehler. “The whole stage design revolves around this tiered pyramid look, and we thought having the lights this way would follow the video wall design nicely, giving us a cohesive lighting look to go along with the structural shape of the video walls.” There were 12 Rogue R1 Beam and 6 Rogue R2 Wash fixtures in the SoDown homecoming rig. “We positioned the beams and washes next to one another to create bigger looks, extra color mixing, and more lighting chase opportunities,” said Warffuel. “We also had a ground package on the downstage edge to pull both sides of the wall configuration together. The ground package added light to the middle and covered some of the gaps around the DJ booth to give the show a bigger feel.”

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