Anolis lighting for Southampton Mayflower Theatre


The exterior of the Southampton Mayflower Theatre brings an extra dazzle of warmth and vitality to a usually busy city centre (at time of writing we are in the UK’s second Covid lockdown) illuminated with an Anolis – a Robe business – lighting scheme which was installed by Lighting Technology Projects (LTP). Mayflower’s previous RGB LED exterior lighting installation had become tired and was battered and eroded by the winds and salty air of the seaside, so these were replaced with three Anolis Divine 160 RGBW 40‐degree units with barn doors, six ArcSource 24MC 11 narrow degree fixtures and four ArcSource 24MC 7 narrow degree lights. All the ArcSource 24s are fitted with the top hat extension. The shuttering accessories are to facilitate the lightest and most accurate focuses in all cases. The three Divine 160 units are positioned on the foyer canopy and evenly wash up the whole Mayflower front façade. The 10 x ArcSource Outdoor 24MCs are mounted on standard brackets and are used for precision up‐lighting of the venue’s deco columns and side turrets. To minimize impact on the front façade and maximize the cost‐efficiency of the project, the Anolis fixtures are fitted in the same positions as the previous lights and are controlled via a mini‐Mac running ChamSys lighting control software.

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